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Jean-Pierre EskanderManaging Partner
Areas of Expertise
  • Strategic Planning & Deployment
  • System Design
  • Project Implementation/Delivery
  • Optimization of Clinical Operations
  • Business Case Development
  • M.ENG
  • CMA
  • CPA
  • MBA

JP is a seasoned executive with over twenty years of strategy and operations experience with a core focus on health care. His areas of expertise include strategic planning and deployment, system design, project implementation/delivery, optimization of clinical operations, business case development, and senior level stakeholder engagement.

JP has broad expertise working through the lens of patients, having been at the forefront of a patient continuum of care analysis and coaching in a wide range of complex problems. JP has partnered with stakeholders to advise on health care integration initiatives and to implement new organizational strategies. Before founding OPEXC, JP was the Engagement Lead for KPMG Canada Healthcare and Public Sector transformation projects. He led operational excellence initiatives and supported front-line staff and executives through their transformation journeys in North America and the UK.


OPEXC employs associates with diverse background and skills. Our associates are expert practitioners in change management, a clinical model of care optimization, healthcare analytics, system integration and optimization modelling, Lean Six Sigma facilitators, Process engineering, and financial analysis.

All of our associates share the founding partner passion for transformation in the Healthcare industry.

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