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For healthcare organizations that face the ongoing challenge of improving the essential elements of their patients’ continuum of care, OPEXC’s multidisciplinary approach generates customized solutions as determined by individual clients’ needs, resources and culture.

OPEXC’s priority service areas are:

Transformation Planning and Business Case Development

We provide a detailed transformation roadmap with clarity on the priorities, sequences, and resources required.

Clinical Service Planning and Funding Analysis

OPEXC integrates financial and operational analyses with environmental realities to bring insights for clinical planning.

Optimization Analytics

OPEXC’s data analytics toolkit includes benchmarking, modeling and scenario analysis, and integration of clinical and operational data to generate customized solutions.


Through interviews, focus groups and facilitated meetings we help clients align and maintain productive direction.

Healthcare Lean Six Sigma

We apply the latest and proven strategies for process improvement, staff engagement, and disciplined project management to support implementation.

The firm’s services support clients in making the change from where they are to where they want to be. For some clients, this means improving patient accessibility and organizational productivity. Other clients benefit from the identification of problematic issues and development of appropriate strategies to resolve these problems.

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