Case Study

Operation Review and Transformation Support of a Perioperative Services

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Below is a case study of Operation Review and Transformation Support of a Perioperative Services

Client and Facilities

Community Healthcare Provider


With the introduction of the Quality Based Procedures (QBPs), the Perioperative program at a Community Hospital was challenged to align the quality and cost to best-in-class practices and determine potential opportunities for optimization and growth.

Services Provided

OPEXC performed current state assessment and developed a clinical priority plan for the Surgical program. The program involved nine different services including inpatient and outpatient surgeries that serve a large rural catchment area. The 12-weeks assessment examined the Surgical program regarding Culture and Organization, Governance, Model of Care, Block Utilization, and Supply Chain. The assessment quantified the level of variability in practice and the impact it has on utilization and quality of care.

The current state was clearly articulated through quantitative and qualitative means and presented in several forums that gained acceptance and alignment on the need to change. OPEXC was subsequently contracted to facilitate the transformation over a 6-months period. During the change, OPEXC supported the formation of surgical Governance Committee, developed a staff engagement strategy, provided project management to prioritize and resource operational improvement, and helped the analytics to model schedule changes and staffing optimization.


Increased staff and physician engagement to improve surgical patient flow and lower hospital LOS. Allowed the diversion of surgical resources to increase revenue positive Surgical QBPs. Developed and supported path to lower cost in the surgical department by over 8%.


Improved the departmental cost by over $700,000 and allowed for the addition of elective surgical capacity of 5-8%.

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